What is the best way to hold someone down in an Achilles lock???


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Nov 15, 2005
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I can't seem to get it to work lately. Usually I just use my outside leg to push off the opponents hip, but the guy kept sliding my leg off his hip with his arm and doing a sit up to take off all the pressure. I even used my inside leg to push off his stomach when he was sitting up to put him back down, but he kept using his arms to slide my leg off his hip when I regained position.
Any help would be appreciated.

By the way I'm not really willing to switch to a heelhook cause I don't generally like using them in practice.
If you are going to keep your inside foot tucked in, you should probably roll to the outside. That way you can isolate the leg you are attacking and finish. More than likely your opponent is going to resist and you are going to complete the roll and end up where you started. As you are rolling you should be adjustin your arm placement so you can finish the lock. No one is just going to lay there and let you finish the achilles.

If you are going to keep your inside foot untucked I like to roll to the inside to where I am lying on one of my opponents legs while attacking the other. If I do this I may not be able to complete a roll, like I did on the other one. I keep my outside leg on my opponents chest to keep him from posturing up and since I am lying on his other leg, he will not be able to base up and stand. Now I just shrimp a bit to find the right bit of the ankle, and finish like normal.