What is meant by "Fantasy Matchup"?

MMAth Wiz

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Sep 7, 2007
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I notice the "Rampage vs. Lyoto" thread in Heavyweights was closed by Wamrage with the comment "Fantasy Matchup. Wasteland."

This confused me, because I had assumed fantasy matchups meant fights that could never actually happen, like "Bruce Lee vs. Fedor." Rampage and Machida are two UFC fighters, in the same weightclass no less. Machida is considered by many to be a top contender for Rampage's belt. That doesn't belong in the UFC forum?

Anyway, I'd appreciate clarification of what constitutes a "fantasy matchup". Is it any fight that hasn't officially been made? Any fight that hasn't been at least rumored? Or what?

I'm not trying to second guess the mod's decision -- I just want to make sure I understand the rule so I don't end up making threads in the wrong place.