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Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by opl, Dec 30, 2012.

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    1. JDS needs to move out of his gym and get better coaches. His current group of coaches might have taken him this far but that's as far as the bus goes.
    2. I appreciate Greg Jackson even more.
    3. I appreciate GSP even more. He ran into the same deep waters as JDS. The difference was he knew what to do to get himself out of it.
    4. I'm a big Lauzon fan but giving him FOTN again is non-sensical for not using his strength which is BJJ against Miller to actually win So in my eyes he just made the FOTN award lose it's meaning. Instead, they should rename it as 'Whoever stands and bangs the entire fight award.'.
    5. Wineland and Pickett should've won FOTN.
    6. Dana does have a sense of loyalty. Albeit misguided for allowing Leben to open the main card.
    7. I really liked how Philipou was just trying to go through the motion of hitting Boetsch on the ground knowing he was hurt and unable to defend. Very sportsmanlike indeed.
    8. Hearing this guy or that guy have a black belt in BJJ is pointless if they don't know how to use it while on their back. Makes me appreciate Big Nog even more.
    9. JDS proved last night that with an upright stance while pedaling backwards is bad against CV, a raging bull throwing bombs who also happens to have incredible wrestling.
  2. BrazilianDude

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    Honestly, Dorea is a great boxing coach. JDS didn't follow any of his instructions. I don't blame his camp for his performance at all. I'm pretty sure nobody told him to keep his hands down and not throw punches in the first round. The other rounds were just zombie JDS.

    Who the hell should get FOTN if not Lauzon? That was an amazing display of heart. Wineland did a great job, but that wasn't even nearly as awesome.
  3. Old Women

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    Jun 17, 2012
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    Leben is exciting to watch.

    Miller is squirly as hell and lauzon probably would have been banging his head on the wall trying to get to the ground... Joe likes KO'ing people, he has done it often.

    Ever hear of "keep fighting until the ref stops you"?

    Cool story, bro.
  4. Brunoo

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    Apr 10, 2010
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    Dorea was the greatest coach until last night
  5. Free_MMAson

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    Mar 27, 2009
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    155 was more exciting than 145 therefore the larger UFC events are more exciting to watch
  6. greenmanwldcard***

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    Nov 30, 2012
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    1. His camp is fine. He probably didn't even know where he was from after the first 3 minutes of the fight
    4. Miller is probably better on the ground than Lauzon
    5. no
    6. This is like the second time a Leben fight wasn't awesome
    7. fight should have been stopped waayyy earlier
    8. Why don't you try BJJ before you tell us about people using their guard. Its hard to sub people who are sweaty and punching you
    9. Yeah he got caught.
  7. tenniswhiz

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    1. JDS faced his first loss in the UFC. Whether it was due to ability or the damage from a split second mistake remains to be seen. Considering he has destroyed everyone in the UFC until last night (and TKO'd Cain once), probably a split second mistake.
    2. Yes, Greg Jackson is a great coach.
    3. GSP ran into the deep waters, when he got beat by Hughes and Serra. JDS hasn't had a chance to redeem himself yet. Let's wait and see.
    4. Lauzon doesn't have great TD's, and taking Miller down wouldn't have been the easiest thing for him. Lauzon is a brilliant fighter, but he's not the greatest athlete. I didn't care for all the blood, but I thought they deserved FOTN, both of them showcased so much heart and so many skills.
    5. I found Pickett/Wineland kind of monotonous. Pickett (I blame ATT) made no adjustments and got edged out by just a little bit in each round.
    6. Yes, Dana can be loyal to guys he likes. Who he likes can also change easily.
    7. The Phillipou/Boetsch fight had some unfortunate events in it. Not totally Phillipou's fault, mostly bad luck.
    8. Yes, there are plenty of BJJ black belts who lie fat on their back and never try to make anything happen. But every time you move your hips, you take tremendous risks, and that was something Nog was always willing to do from the bottom position. Also, with the Unified Rules, the bottom guy knows he is more likely to lose the round than he is to get a sub/sweep, so getting back to the feet becomes a bigger priority. This has actually changed the way BJJ coaches approach the MMA game.
    9. JDS started out with good lateral movement, easily shrugged off Cain's first few attempts. Cain surprised him with that bomb when he expected Cain to shoot again. For the most part, JDS's footwork is quite good. It's not that simple as saying he just backpeddled.
  8. milkywaygalxee**

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    Exactly. Why do Pierre fans constantly act as if he has never gotten his ass whipped? He has lost twice and nothing will ever change that. He's not like Jones, who has never lost by the hand of another fighter.
  9. ShinkanPo

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    Cry some more please.
  10. theramblingrep

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    Some good points, some things I'll take issue with:

    1. Better coaches? I'm not so sure. Anderson does ok with this group, I think it was just a case of poor gameplanning. JDS has always kept his hands a little low and it finally caught up to him.
    2. I'm not sure where this is coming from, care to explain? Is it because Melvin has become useless since he left Jackson's?
    3. I actually agree with you here, but not for the same reason. In Cain I saw someone who coasted to a decision and, though it was a dominant win, he didn't even appear to be trying to finish the fight. With GSP the effort is there to finish, he's just not overly effective at it.
    4. Miller-Lauzon was FOTN, and one the fights of the year, bar none. To deny that guy a fight bonus after coming back and being competitive like he was would be criminal. If I'm gameplanning Miller, my first thought is not to go to the ground with him, you stand with him first and try and hurt him there before trying jits. One of the biggest surprises of the night was Miller's striking - it looked way more dynamic than it has in his fights against Diaz and Hendo so I'm sure Lauzon was caught off guard by it too. The last minute of this fight is as exciting as I've ever seen in any fight, ever. When have you ever seen a bloodied up, gassed mess go for a flying heel hook, nearly get it, then transition to guillotine, and nearly get it, in the last minute of a fight? If he'd pulled it off it would have gone down as one of the greatest comebacks in MMA history.
    5. Good fight, but nothing spectacular by any means. Not all that back and forth, some good exchanges, but if you asked me I couldn't tell you one notable thing that happened the whole fight.
    6. Yeah.....that fight shouldn't have been on the main card. Leben normally doesn't disappoint, but with that much time off vs a lay and prayer like Brunson, it should have been moved to prelims.
    7. Agreed. It seemed like he didn't want to hurt him just finish the fight because it was over.
    8. Agreed. This always bugged me about Thiago Silva too. You hear this a lot - strikers with these BJJ black belts who when they're called to actually use it, it's like they forgot how to. It seemed clear Cain didn't have much of a sub game, why not use your jits to stall, regain your wits, and either attack off your back or get to your feet? That's one thing Big Nog can really coach JDS in after the fight. If Vitor can nearly pull off an armbar on JJ, JDS could have done something to Cain.

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