What exactly does an epsom salt bath do?


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Oct 19, 2007
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I always hear it's the next best thing to a massage. Well, today, I took a hot bath with a bag of epsom salt poured in, and I guess it did something. I almost felt that high that you get after exercise...maybe the bath moved the "toxins" trapped in my muscles or whatever. What is an epsom salt bath supposed to do exactly anyway?
that's interestomg> i am under the assumption that epson salt baths help to reduce aches, like pulled/strained muscles and what not. that's what I've always used them for. Though, whenever i take one it's usually at night before bed. I step out and feel "tight" an wake up feeling similar, though, I never really payed much attention to "aesthetics." I dont use a gallon, though, lol.

thanks for the link.
It's the magnesium sulfate in the salts. It can be absorbed through the skin to replenish what is lost through sweating AND magnesium helps relax muscles.