What do you think of this as a fight theory?

Only read a little of it, and while it does makes sense ripping out someone's eyes might make you win a street fight, but it also leads to long spells in jail... a kick to the head or knee to the face ends the fight just as effectively and much less likely to get you in serious trouble.

And for those training MA's for reasons other than street fighting it's useless.
Kicking shins might work if you completely broke the bone so that the guy couldn't walk on it. Tearing out ligaments in the knee?
Thats for movies. I'm prepared for people to tell this is bull, but I have been in plenty of fights and I've got a great side/front kick. I have kicked guys from just about every angle in the knee and I've hurt them, but never stopped them. If you've ever fought a guy, or been on meth, you know they don't give a rats ass about tendons and ligaments. If they can still walk on it, its all good. Maybe if you grossly hyperextended the knee where it wouln't just pop right back it would work. I ruptured a quad muscle and tore ligaments in an MMA fight and just because of adrenaline I never felt it. It barely slowed me down.
I've let guys hyper my elbow several degrees and I've seen a guy get his arm totally fucked like Renzo vs Saku and still fight like nothing happened. PAIN MEANS NOTHING IF THEY WANT TO HURT YOU!
Eyes and throat: you're onto something. If they can't see or breath they can't fight. But those targets atre harder to hit than you might think.
basic strikes that will get the opponents attention without maiming them:

Front kick to the face

rear leg body kick just below rib cage

kick in the nuts

head/neck kick or punch.

.....most other strikes people will just walk through the pain and only feel it later. I've learned this first hand from a pankration fight. I kicked the hell out of the guys leg and ribs (should have aimed just below the ribs). Only to have him appear unphased and finish the fight. After the fight was over, he could not continue to the next round because of broken ribs and a badly damaged leg. But he sure as hell finished our fight very strong.
You know, I don't think anyone has taken into consideration the fact that if you tried to eye gouge someone, they'd immediately cover their eyes or move their head to get away from your hands, no matter how "untrained" they are. There you have it, striking is more effective, safer, and certainly more moral.
I don't think anyone has taken into consideration that fighting in the streets for your life is a whole different animal than fighting in an organized sport where you know the extent of damage you're going to come out with. Actual combat that ends negatively in some way no matter what you do requires a different set of both rules of engagement, and techniques. When people want to square up with me in the streets I'm always conscious to let them know my 3 rules of fighting for my life:

1) ANYTHING can and will happen. I might have a headache, or diarrhea that day, so a win is meaningless basically. There's tons of mitigating circumstances attached. Any win in a street fight deserves an asterisk by it, or should be written off and moved on from. You defended yourself that day, great.

2) If a person wants to fight me and me to use Martial Arts they're best to do it in an empty room or open field. Otherwise they get hit with everything I can lift before my hands or feet touch them. You threaten my well-being in my everyday life (outside Professional fighting) I can and will disregard Professional fighting etiquette and do whatever it takes to walk away with minimal damage to me and maximum damage to you.

3) You must be prepared to end up in one of two places. The Hopsital, or jail. I personally have been to both. So I'm no stranger to it and know there is life after a sound ass-kicking. Many of which I've taken.

All that being said the first major places I aim for in a street fight IS the eyes, the throat, and the groin. Like those old Samurai movies, you don't dance around and shout, or perform fancy-pants movements. You strike fast, strike hard, take the guy out. It's best also to do it right when he's in the middle of a sentence (because guys in the streets talk shit even after they've swung at you initially, they do this to assure themselves they REALLY want to get into it). Lead-hand finger-jab to the eye, follow-up cross to the throat, back-leg kick square in the nuts, executed as fast and hard as possible. Nine times out of ten one of those will land, fight is over. Nine times out of ten though you can also talk a guy out of a fight if you simply recite those rules calmly, and blinking as little as possible. Or you could also tell him you don't want to fight him because there's no money in it, that if he puts up whatever is in his pocket or his next paycheck, then you'll fight him. Most punks don't at all want to put their money where their mouths are.
How many people on sherdog have even ever been in a real true street fight where you are fighting for your life against someone who doesnt care if they kill you or maim you. This means that a street fight isnt a little scuffle with bobthebully in junior high but a true life and death fight. My guess probably maybe 100 out of the what 10000 memebers.
Also how many of the people on sherdog have even fought a real fight in the cage or the rind. My guess excluding the amatures and the pro fighters maybe 50 out of 10000 memebers.
So getting to my point-if you think there is some manual or some plan you can follow in a street fight you are a retard. In a serious life and eath situation you just react sometimes the right way sometimes soon enough and sometimes to late. I have seen a crackhead stab a screwdriver into a kids stomach and i have been shot at. A true street fight is no joke and hopefully most of the guys on this board never get into a real one because they would probably be killed.