What do you guys think of this gym?


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May 27, 2004
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hey guys, i have decided i am going to start training in brazilian jujitsu , and i am pretty set on this gym for me. Here is its website, i would appreciate any thoughts on if you think is a good gym or just another mcdojo. Thanks in advanced. http://www.warriorway.com/

PS.... sry if this is in the wrong forum....
looks like a pretty good gym.

the female instructor looks hot! lol :)
Are you joking? Do you even know who Matee is? The answer is yes, train there. You better be training in MT also.

I don't recognize the head BJJ instructor but anybody under Caique is great and respected in my book. And it looks like they have plenty of high ranking belts too.
ya i know who matee is, i just wanted everyones opinion b4 i shelled out a bunch of money to go there, thanks for all the replys. Im gonna start going there
I'm from MI and I have heard good things about warriorway.
I don't know what other gyms are around, but that looks good to me
The female instructor is SO HOT!!! Wuld like to roll whit her...
Looks good..take a few free classes first..see what its all about

Ben Stiller does Bjj?
b0b said:
Looks more like the 40 year old virgin.
i thought it looked alot like a skinny version of Ben Stiller and Mark Mcgwire(sp?)
Brand Nizzle said:

Ben Stiller does Bjj?
lol i too had to do a double take.

it looks legit, but as with most mma places i couldnt find the monthly fee. anything over 100/month makes me unhappy unless you have a blackbelt daily working with you.
The fee per month is $99 for unlimited training. You have the option to pay for 3, 6, or 12 months up front. The fee for 3 months up front is $289 all the way up to $999 for 12 months up front. There is also a $30 registration fee that is one time payment upon signing up for our program.

What do u guys think of this? how is it compared to other gyms?
I go to EastWest in Canton, it's a little closer to me. It is 99 a month as well.
It looks really good.

Hopefully you'll get a lot of attention from the instructors.
Looks like a nice, spacious gym with quality instruction, check the place out, it can't hurt.