What do eat/drink immediately after intense bike ride


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Jun 11, 2010
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About an hour ago I got back from an unusually intense (for me) 40 mile bike ride. It was 93 degrees out today and I was sweating a LOT. I drank water at 0, 10, and 30 miles. When I got home, I felt really tired (sleep tired, not physically exhausted tired) and lightheaded (in a weird way). Usually I can bike this much without feeling too tired but today was different.

After I got back home, I drank some water with sea salt and baking soda in it, had several pieces of toast, a glass of chocolate milk, a glass of lime-aid (like lemonade but with limes...), and a banana. I felt a little better immediately after drinking the water with salt and baking soda in it, but I'm still a little worried. I took a cold shower and have been inside lying down on the couch since I got back.

Anyways, I'm about to eat dinner and I'm wondering if any of you guys have experienced this before and if I should make anything in particular or if you think I'm overreacting.
Oh. I spaced out that stuff over like 25 mins... I didn't eat/drink it all at once.
Water with salt and baking soda? Ewwww.
yea aha, what exactly does salt/baking soda+water do? and how long did it take you to bike 40 miles? that shits fucking crazy man haha.
I'd be taking in some sort of electrolyte drink. That's a lot of miles in the heat.
my dad is a 65 year old 175-225mi/week road cyclist. He says his favorite thing to drink post hard ride is a glass of milk or chocolate milk.

But, nothing against you, my dad is an extremely tough dude...no daddy issues here.
Well, since I was sweating so much, I thought that I lost some kinds of salt as Blackice suggested... so the sea salt in water gives Na+ Cl- and the baking soda is Na+ HCO3- (= cheap electrolyte drink). It really doesn't taste horrible with water... not that it tastes good, either. Banana gives K+, lime gives some citrates and other stuff, chocolate milk and toast to cover all the bases. Milk has Mg 2+ and protein. Those were all the important ions I remember from biochem anyways...

I don't time my rides strictly because I bike for fun and not for competitions or anything, but I think it was between 2 and 3 hours. I feel fine now, anyways. I had to take my cat in to the vet, too.. what a day...
It was hot, you biked a lot, your body temp probably increased a lot and you lost a lot of water. your metabolism is in overdrive. your muscles are fatigued. you centrl nervous system needs a rest. you may have pushed yourself harder than you're used to. If not, maybe your diet changed up to a day or two of your workout? My guess is get some rest and essential nutrients and you'll be fine.
Coconut water is insanely good for hydration.
Natures Gatorade.
I've never done a 20+ mile ride but I do like to go on regular long rides and I think not only is it important to pay attention to what you eat after your ride but also before! Did you eat a lot less pre-ride maybe? I usually eat some kind of meat/carb combo with a banana an hour or two before a ride.

No matter what I eat, I am usually physically exhausted after a good long ride, but if you're not used to that, I'd take a closer look at your diet.