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What color Gi should I get?


Apr 2, 2010
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About to sign up for classes, and I was wondering what color gi I should buy? Will pet-hair or sweat show up easier on different colors? I was thinking about a dark green, or maybe an orange.

Also does anyone recommend sleeveless gis? It'd be cool if I show up Ryu style first day.

I appreciate any help.
forget the gi just show up in vale tudo shorts and baby oil
Does anyone know if I have to wear a belt too? It seems like it would just get in the way.
Wear camo, that way your opponent can't see you.
A leather belt with an awesome big buckle will improve your game rapidly and you will be the coolest guy in the gym.
how about a black and red one with "killer subs" boldly stiched acros the front. that way even thow your new you can show every one you mean business. and remember the bet goes ontop of your vale tudo shorts no gi required
Ideally white, but blue is ok if you really must.

(Yes, I know this is a troll thread but some newbie might be wondering the same thing and come across this thread.)
I personally feel that a black belt accents any sleeveless gi nicely. The darker tones really bring out tan arms, brah.