What can you do with DMSO


Mar 15, 2005
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I saw a bottle of DMSO at my local health food store. The label had a warning - Something about not using it for "Dangerous or illegal purposes." Ok, this got my attention - what can you do with DMSO?
You can use it to apply to sore muscles or even sprains to aid in healing. Crushing up some Ibuprohen to a powder form and mixing it with a table spoon or so then rubbing it directly on the injury. NO OPEN WOUNDS ALLOWED. You have to becarefull, this stuff is strong and will suck the dye out of the material you put over it and turn you that color there. It is used primairly for horses. I am sure if you go to goole you can find out all you want on it. O'yah the stuff burns like ben Gay but about 50 times worse. you will feel like your skin is going to melt off then it gets better.
I would not use DMSO if my life depended on it. That shit can give you nasty rashes if your skin is even a little sensitive. It is also known to cause water on horses joints if you prolong the use. it stinks like shit to top it off and it is so powerfull it will get into your blood stream and make your breath hair and sweat smell like DMSO.
The illegal things you can use it for are crushing up the injectable cattle hormone pellets and mixing them with DMSO and applying it to your sking the DMSO is so potent that your body will absord the trenbolone (hormone in the pellet) and act like a steroid.
I wouldnt fuck witht hat shit if i was dying
Tren is fucking retarded. The only agent worse is Anadrol.