what are your favourite combos

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randy watkins

Apr 16, 2005
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Here are some of my favourite combos starting from the orthodox position.
1. Left jab,Right cross,Left hook,Right uppercut.
2 Double jab,Rigth cross,Right knee.
3 Left jab,Right cross, Left hook,Right hook,Left uppercut,Right uppercut,hook hook, Back fist back fist
left straight right hook right straight left uppercut
there are really too many to name, Jab, left hook, right kick, right hand, right kick, right hand, swithch kick.
cross, lead hook, rear kick

the bread and butter of my arsenal.

if you want to get fancy: (orthodox) i start with throwing some hard but very telegraphed lead switch kicks(untill my opponent is blocking them) then i switch my feet as if i was going to kick again but i throw a hard left punch instead(it was my jab, but because i switched my feet its a cross). then i step hard to the left and fire my right cross and follow with a right kick.

it sounds complicated but i pull it of almost every time i throw it.
My favorite combo is "search" + "favorite combo".

Sorry...but it's just been done too many times.
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