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What Are Some of the Most One Sided Fights to Win FOTN? (with a list to choose from)

Fitch vs Erick Silva (sort of)
Fight of the Night: Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin

This one.

EDIT: Beat me to it.
Quinton Jackson vs Jon Jones

GSP vs Koscheck II
Silva/Griffin is the only real answer here.
Lol I remember they let the fans pick the FOTN for UFC 124.

After that Dana didnt let the fans pick FOTN anymore lol

Weakest FOTN ever
Jones vs. Jackson was one sided and wasn't even an exciting fight

escovedo vs. mizugaki was easily FOTN on that card
if memory serves, diaz vs cowboy was very lopsided
BTW TS, thank you for providing the link. very helpful
UFC 135: Jon Jones vs. Quinton Jackson. doesnt even look like a FOTN
as for the top 5, id have to say
1. Silva vs griffin
2. Penn vs Diaz
3. Cerrone vs Diaz
4. Jones vs Jackson
5. Rashad vs Ortiz