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Doctor of Doom
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Feb 22, 2005
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In Gregster's position steps in a worthy man, schooled in the Art of fisticuffs (where Mike Wanaka is the kickboxing counterpart), and now overseer of this area. He's also backed by the Sherdog Boxing Council, so no attempts to step to his unquestionable authority, or it might get ya whacked.

Mr. mschatz.
Great. So I'm left out and disregarded once again :(
I never knew you wanted to or cared to be a Mod. You have periods where you seem to not be able to be bothered with Sherdog (not that I blame you one bit).
Nah, I'm just joking. I'm actually often here just don'T post that often. There is a general interest to be a mod someday, but not now due to lack of time. Maybe by the end of the year or so. And be honest, would you give the power of modship to somebody whose credo is that if he could eliminate people at will the world would be a better place?

Congrats to mschatz btw.
New mod:
How can I punch like Chuck Liddell?
By shadowboxing with weights and lifting more weights.

so basically i can do whatever the hell i want in here now huh. no ban for teh zero
And do a lot of...well...nevermind.
Holy crap, i never thought i'd see the day..............

umm, congratz? o_O