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May 25, 2007
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I cant seem to gain any weight, now i weigh 75kg(77kg would be 170pounds) and im 1,86cm .
i eat a lot of everything, all day. and sometimes i will weigh like 77kg, and if i really eat a lot maybe 78kg, but then a few days later ill weigh 75kg again.
i only train twice a week, so that cant be the problem.
any tips? advice?
Eat alot, make sure you get plenty of protein. If that doesnt work, eat more.
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TS: i suggest lifting 4 times a week upper body and lower body, 8-12 rep range in weights and eating a shit load more then you are eat till you cant eat anymore and do that for a month man.

Maybe you need to hit up the FAQ as well.
Maybe you need to hit up the FAQ as well.

No he doesn't. 8-12 reps are optimal for bulking, not everyone here jerks off to 5x5 and only wants to get stronger, some people want to look good before anything else.