weaker-awkward fighters that won over physical fighters?


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Aug 13, 2004
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I know having athleticism will make a fighers journey much easier, but theres some guys out there that aren't that gifted. Some have knock-knees, uncoordinated and just plain slow. Maybe thats why i like the sport so much. You don't need all the physical traits to become a good fighter.

The only ones that come to mind right now is carlos baldomir vs zab judah

Can anyone recommend some fights where the "weaker" guy beat the more physical imposing fighter?
Calzaghe swings kinda funny from what i've seen of him. But i dont know too much. and hes a fellow southpaw. So, much love to him.
McBride over Tyson.:icon_chee
Rocky Marciano is a fighter that overcame awkwardness. He had to beg just to get a manager to represent him. Then he had to sign his life away to him as well. Nobody thought much of the rock because awkward punchers are a dime a dozen.

As for weaker fighters beating more imposing fighters
John Ruiz does it quite a bit using a throwback style.. by throwback.. I mean late 1800's when slug and hug was acceptable.
Winky Wright beat Tito. He was certainly the weaker of the two.
Sven Ottke ko'd Mundine and I still think he was the weaker of the two.
The list could really go on and on.
The fight matching the criteria that springs to my mind is the awkward octopus that is Ian Gardner beating Tokunbo Olajide.
maskaev knocking rahman out twice?
hmm, Emmanuel Augustus is always awkward and not very strong/built:icon_chee
aruguello was slow and very thin. not strong but possesed great punching power. he was very coordinated though just not physical.

harry greb the legendary mw champ was not a strong or big mw but he beat some of the best lhw and hw fighters of the 20's but crowding them and throwing many punches everyround. the pittsburg windmill. gave gene tunney a beating in their first fight.
jesse "homer simpson" feliciano KO8 delvin "that guy from it's always sunny in philadelphia" rodriguez
Winky Wright beat Tito. He was certainly the weaker of the two.

Wrong again, Crackpot. Winky was bigger and much stronger than Tito physically. I wouldn't bother to reply to you if you weren't so completely backwards on this one.

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