Weak, skinny, and lost weight....


Dec 31, 2004
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Hey guys. Firstly, thanks for any help, and time taken to help me out. Blah blah blah, to the point:

Ok, a few basic facts.

I'm 17, have no job, live in England, in a small town.
I have a FAST metabolism. Really fast.
I'm only about 5'7".
I have bad shoulder joints, and have the odd problem with my knees and hips.
I'm not strong at all. I'm rather weak to be honest.
I used to be 115lbs.

On that last one, I'm extremely skinny as you can tell, and I have been ill recently. So Ill I couldn't eat anything for days upon end. Now, I have lost even more weight. What I want to knowis what should I eat to start gaining a little mass? What kind of diet? What should a a breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack etc, consist of?

I desperatly need to gain weight, and diet is key. I don't have much money and live at home still. So it is kind of hard to stick to a set diet.

Now, I can't really afford to go to a GYM and the gyms have a limited amount of resources, I've been there before. It isn't horrible, but you get a lot of posers and people who give the skinny, short weak guy funny looks, and laughs. Not a great enviroment. It would cost me
Wrong type of forum..

Check out a body building forum and look for home workouts
you know what to eat.. protein and veggies mostly... I think people in general know what is good and what is bad to eat but they want someone to set out a routine for them..

breakfast: 2egg whites 1 whole egg boiled or scrambled
snack: apple and cup of cottage cheese
lunch: Chicken breast sandwich
snack: small portion of grapes
dinner: Make a vegi salad and put a can of tuna in it
snack: cup of non fat plain yogurt.
other guys knows better then me but here some quick advice. But check the stickies for more info... People in this forum get pissed off otherwise...

If you wanna bulk up, eat 5 times a day.

heres what you can eat: added some stuff at the end if you arent concerned with some extra fat...

Breakfast: dark bread with ham, youghurt, banana, protein shake (if you can afford) add some boiled eggs, bacon and orangejuice for extra calories.

Snack: fruit, dark bread, tuna.

Lunch: a lot of fish (e.g. I eat 400 gram of cod every lunch) and some potatoes. Add a litre of fat milk for extra cal.

Snack: fruit, tuna, bread bread, tuna.

Dinner: pasta with meatsauce, or chicken with rice etc. Add 1 litre of milk for extra cal

After workout gainer drink.

Evening: tuna sallad. 2 cans of tuna, cucumber, avocado, oliveoil, tomatoes, kidneybeans,

If you eat like this you will gain weight, As for the exercises without any gym. Check bodyweight exercises.

Sounds like assholes at the gym, giving you bad time for beeing skinny.

Good luck
The reason for all tuna and cod is because its cheap (atleast in sweden). I take proteinshakes for snacks, but since you lack the money, I suggest tuna. Heard some people eat cottage cheese as snack, you could also try making some egg-omelett as snack...
Follow these steps;

Get a job. Anything is better than nothing. Save all the money you earn.

Try to find someone selling 2nd hand weightlifting equipment. You need the following: a flat bench, a power rack, a 7' olympic bar, as much weight as you can get.

Go to the Strength and Power forum here and read all the stickies. Also, read this: http://www.defrancostraining.com/articles/archive/articles_westside.htm

Bench, squat and deadlift. Do it with heavy weight and low reps. Ignore anything your friend tells you about lifting.

Eat a lot. Whatever you can afford. Rice is cheap but you'll need to be eating loads of it. Pasta as well, buy the huge bags. Go to the butchers and ask for meat offcuts, as much as possible. Tuna is good and cheap, as has been stated. Eat all the time. You live with your parents, eat all their food (blame it on someone else if you have to).

If you really want to sort yourself out you'll do all this. Otherwise, you have only yourself to blame.
Hold up on that thought Rob T.

I really don't think you should start heavy right now.

It's always good to go high reps 8-12 for a few months when you started lifting and make the transition.
Ted-P said:
Hold up on that thought Rob T.

I really don't think you should start heavy right now.

It's always good to go high reps 8-12 for a few months when you started lifting and make the transition.

Actually yeah, cheers for the correction! Start with slightly higher reps and then work down to the low end.

I typed that all a bit too quickly!
Toothless Joe, do you train MMA?

It seems like your goals have nothing to do with our sport. The guys who recommended a bodybuilding forum (although I loathe sending anyone to a bodybuilder for workout advice, much of the time it's what guys want) seemed to be pointing you in the right direction.