Water or No Fat!


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Oct 18, 2005
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Yesterday a friend told me that after a workout out, I shouldn't be mixing my postworkout protien drink with Trim (skim milk), only water or no fat water. Reason is because the body is more ready to absorbed fat instead of protien. Anyboby else heard this?
Skim milk has no fat so it's kind of a moot point. What is 'no-fat water' by the way? Any water should be 'no-fat'
No fat water?

Do not listen to anything your friend says for a while.
Oh shit!!! Sorry!! Typo error! I meant "no fat milk" not "water". The skim milk that I'm talking about has 2% fat, which is still 5.4 grams of fat per 250ml serve according to the nutritional label. So It's better to drink water or no fat milk mixed with the protein after the workout so you don't get fat and pee away some of the protein. Is this true?
So "Skim milk" is "No fat milk"? Why in the hell do companys label it all to together in separate catergorys? You go to a store and you just assume that 2% fat, Trim, skim, and no fat are similiar, cause virtually no fat still has a bit of fat. Going off topic now!

Point is that after a workout your body needs protein and carbs to grow and recover (old news here).
But my friend's theory is that after training, your body is starving for fat more than any thing else, and consuming a protein meal/shake with fat is wrong, as the body will absorbed all the fat and less protein. So by having no fat in your post workout snack, your body is forced to absorbed the protein.
Your friend is a moron who will probably hinder your training/diet. Find a new friend to work out with.

Thought I might explain this a little better.

Milk: Non-fat = Skim, 1%, 2%, 3.25%
What is Trim Milk? I've never heard of it. Is it like Soy Milk or just a "designer brand" dairy?

Fat in foods does not mean it will be fat in your body.

Those are facts.

Now, as far as I understand, your body will sooner store excess carbs as fat than it will excess fats or proteins.

To burn fat you must first burn off the free carbs in your system. Carbs are ready energy. That's why they say you have to conduct cardio for 30+ minutes to enter a fat burning state. Don't get crazy, though. Your body will also begin targeting protein (muscle) for conversion into energy.

The body is all about efficiency. It wasted a lot of energy to store the fats. It doesn't want to break them down unless it has to.
The misinformation is going to make my head explode. :eek:
i only use milk with my powder. jeez. unless youre trying to cut weight and doing things that sound like they will work bucause they seem logical, dont listen to him.
Some companies label it "skim milk", some "non-fat" or "fat free". Any of those labels are 0 fat.

2% (or any % for that matter) is going to have fat in it. The higher the %, the more fat.
i'm too tired to type out the whole explanation, but a little nonsaturated fat is actually good for you. it won't cause your body to not absorb any of the protein you ingest, and it will help burn some of the stored fat along the way. go out and get some real info and stop just asking random people. there is a ton of info out there some of it available at your finger tips right now.
yea, i just had a big glass of skim milk. Total Fat 0.
UbetterTAPout said:
Just drink the milk straight from the goat...stop the thread, done deal.

Is that mouth on teets or do you use a intermediary such as a glass?
PWO, skim milk is better than 2%, although you're not killing yourself drinking 2% milk.

Really, it's not that big a deal.