Washing your Sprawls



Maybe I'm just not a laundry person (good thing I'm married) and I didn't think of this right away. If you have Sprawls or any shorts with velcro, when you put it in the wash, tie up the shorts and close the velcro or the velcro will stick the flex band and pill up the elastic material and I bet in time it will ruin it.

Just a tip, I don't if I wasn't the only one remember think about it until after I washed it.
Also if you have the flex fighters don't dry them, hang them out instead.
make sure the velcro is secured and tied anyway when you put it in the wash with your rashguard as I found out
Not sure why, maybe the heat is no good for the flex material. On the originals it has no such special instructions but on the flex ones it says not to dry in heat.
Tommy-Sambo said:
what does drying them do?

When I dried mine they shrunk up alittle, which was good 4 me b/c I needed then just abit smaller.
being as the flex panels are not cotton I can't see how they would shrink.
i got a pair the day they came out...and i had to stop drying them. The fabric just turns shit after enough drying.

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