Warning Ego at work


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Apr 8, 2002
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I felt that due to Razor getting his promotion everyone would be happy for the guy.

Instead what we get is one guy trying to hijack Razor's promotion to draw attention to himself, which had no relevance Razor's modship. He used it as an excuse for him to reminesce about when he had some weight on the forum, and how they are all going to be brought to heel for taking the promotion.

I feel it was inapropriate and seemed like bitterness on his part. If some people don't like it then maybe they would be happier posting on their beloved band's forum, as the times have changed, deal with it.
who are you talking about?

who could not like razor enough to do this?
I wonder sometimes how all of the egos fit on this one forum...its AMAZING!!
I'm officially deleting what J Garden just posted and locking this thread as administration is unhappy with the views you express.

....as an aside I have a timeshare in South Central LA if anybody is interested.
Oh man........here we go