Warming up to rolling


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Jul 2, 2005
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Does anyone else have a "problem" where for the first one or two times rolling you suck? It takes me a couple times to get my mind in the right spot. The first couple times I feel like a ragdoll.
Do what your thread title says...warm up. You should just kind of slow roll for posistion and work on sweeps and stuff. Then you can start rolling like normal. A good 10 minute warmup helps a ton.
I get better as time progresses during the class, and some of it can be my cardio which doesn't make me as the tired as my opponent. I try not to muscle to much, but in the first two-three rounds of rolling people have to much energy and use to much strength to get in or out of a position.
it depends. i can usually leave the other shit(work, kid, wife, etc.) at the door but on days i come in distracted or preoccupied with some regular everyday shit i'll have trouble getting my mind right. this also happens more if i arrive late and miss the drills cuz they give my mind a chance to unwind as well as get my body limber for rolling.
I feel ya. We start all my classes out with rolling. I honestly just try to take it easy and get relaxed and loose. A lot of people get in to it too fast and wind up losing too much energy at first. There are some kids who can def. do a warm up roll and others who cant. i just try to start out with the kids who will warm up.
No, I have always been incredible.
we usually warm up with some ab work, then to postitional drills, then transitional drills and everyone seems ready to go after that.