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Video of me

Dean Hamilton

Amateur Fighter
Dec 10, 2004
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Here is a video of me competing at the GA NAGA in Nov. This is my first time editing/making a movie. Any tips/suggestions to better it would be awesome! (Yeah I used movie maker, its all I have and for the time being all I will have :( ) It was my first big tourney and I did novice heavy weight (209-190). At the next NAGA I'm going to do the under 190lb class and also maybe heavyeight :).
This video is nogi, however I mainly train with a gi on. It's a little embarrassing to admit but after the nogi I was too tired to do my gi event. But that was because I didn't eat properly among a few other things lol but I'll be ready to compete all day at my next event!
Thanks for your time!
Nice video man!! And congrads on the win, your style reminds me of one of my training partners, his signature move is to pull and drop into a triangle also.
Indeed! Nice vid and great grappling! Congrats on the win :) Show us more in the future!
Thanks for the compliment guys! Thats cool about your training partner barbwire... I worked hard on my triangle with a friend of mine for about 5 weeks before that event. I wish I had some better takedowns other than to pull guard! lol Thats coming along though :)
I will be sure to put some more events on here in the future. As far as I know right now the next event I'll be doing is an MMA show in april (it'll be my first MMA fight and I wont be pulling guard lol)
Your grappling is really great for a novice and you seemed to have really good stamina for your event. Obviously your triangle and transition to it is really good.

Here's a tip for your takedowns. Alot of those guys are reaching up or out at you and extending, or they're half-clinching you and letting their elbow float. This happens alot when a fighter is tired or more concerned about other things. When someone does this, especially if they're taller or the same size as you, duck under the high arm and shoot to the side, almost like a double leg takedown, but not quite. I use this move alot and I get AT LEAST a body lock out of it, and sometimes if the guy isn't a particularly good wrestler, I can whip him down and get his back.

Great job though! You looked really good out there.
Great job on the win! Post your video of your MMA match too.
Good production on the video. Better than some I have seen.

How long have you been training?

One thing I noticed on the triangles: Even though you got the tap, you should sink your foot farther down under your knee. You were getting it around your toes instead of down near the instep. Most people use thier hand to secure it tighter that way.

Very nice wins!
Hey, nice video and congrats on the win. It looks like you may have done some wrestling in high school. If you want to be able to make a good quality video and edit it to your liking buy the Adobe movie editing series. You will be able to add music, talk over, window in window, shadow effects,and many more options all from your home computer.
Thanks Bob! I have been training at my school since June 05 mostly Gi, but I've been wrestling all my life with my uncle and friends (I know its not serious/real wrestling but I think it helped me just get a natural feel for stuff). Yeah I know I need to work on it some still. Thanks for the advice!

Hey jiujitsu cop man I wish I wrestled in HS but mine sucked and didnt have a wrestling team, although we had a golf team... Yeah eventually I want to get a better editor but thats down the road a lil bit...
Thanks Big Red! I was shocked when I got that double leg! That was my first tourney double leg!