*VIDEO* Jon Jones and Ronda Rousey joke around with eachother at photoshoot

She can do what Vitor couldn't!!!

JBJ's gf is gonna beat his ass :p
saw this on here last night, good on em although i sense the awkwardness
Dana will not be pleased by this - the object of his desire fooling around with the root of his misery.
Ronda Rousey ‏@RondaRousey
My new fav pic ever with the one and only jonnybones


Per Sherdog logic, being in the general vicinity of a female = sexy time.

So where's the 20 threads bashing Bones for cheating on his girlfriend? Will no one go onto FB to expose the horrible person he is to the unsuspecting mother of his children?
^Good. I was waiting for a Brazzers shoop.