[VID] JDS training muay thai for UFC 155

Can't watch it. Says something in Portuguese. Probably that the video is unavailable in my country.
I'm always interested in learning how to say things in other languages, but the phrase "This video is not available in your country" isn't one of them.
Well, let me help you, i will make a little resume about this video and article.
On the video he is trainning with Glaube Feitosa, he is using his hands very well but the news are that he is also using some knees and kicks and he is doing it very well too. He said that Glaube Feitosa came to be his sparring to the fight against Overeem, to teach him some kicks and knees, trying to make him a better striker than he is right now.
He also said the obvious and what all we know, that he thinks Cain will try to take him down and use his strong GNP, he said that he is trainning to avoid the takedowns. In his mind, this fight will be longer thant the last one but he said that he will knock cain out again. He said that he is a young guy and joked saying that he wanna be like Randy Couture and fighting till 48 years old ( he is now 28 ). Finally he said that he watched Cain x big foot and learned a lot of things with big foot