vid and a article of Kyo kyojushin karate (both are old but good)

there is definately Karate that I would love to learn, and this is it.
A good friend of mine trains this type of karate under some of the members of the US olympic team. He's so damn fast it's ridiculous. If I didn't outweigh him by 40 pounds, I'd never have a chance.
I really like kyoshukin, if I wasn't training Muay Thai and there was a kyoshukin dojo around here i'd check it out for sure.
That's a really great, informative website. You all should check out the other sections as well -- a wealth of information.
That's amazing. The speed and accuracy in thoes kicks were insane. That guy is really talented.

That spinning back kick at 2:56 really made that guy fly.
please someone tell me the song if they know it ?
Great videos. Respect to all that put years of hard training into traditional martial arts.