Vicious Shot to the nutts...


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Nov 11, 2004
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Alright this happend bout a week ago. I've been working on my clinche work and so I was doing clinche work and was being stupid and not wearing a cup...sure enough viciious shot to the nutts. Dropped me like any shot there would...rolled around the ground in pain. Then got up to continue to train again and it felt as if i had pain was the only unusual thing. So i decided to triain the rest of the day without a cup even though when i made certain movements it still hurt.

So 2 days the pain goes away...but umm..a week later im fine and I was in teh shwoer yesterday washin myself..and i didnt notice this before but not to get sick in details. But on the bottom of my sack all bruised, and on the bottom of my cock a lil bit...A lil fucking gross i kno but got me a lil freaked. Theres no pain anymore though..just bruising.

Kinda vivid..sorry guys. ANybody else experience similar shit. I honestly have taken a thai kick to the to teh balls, front kick to the balls from girls....all wihtout cups and never had brusiing before. I didnt think brusiing there was all that possible..but recently proved wrong. Similar stories to comfort me?...please lol.
Are you some kind of magnet for nut-shots? This thread made me wince more than once. WEAR A CUP. Keep it on.

Bruising is common.
Yeah I learned my lesson after that and have worn a cup...every day since..whether grappling or standup.

And good to know that bruising is common. Cause i have never brusied my nutts before.
let us know if your dong doesn't fall off so we can spread the word.

i always thought blue balls killed!
Colby18 said:
I honestly have taken a thai kick to the to teh balls, front kick to the balls from girls....all wihtout cups QUOTE]
I think there is a lesson in there somewhere.
Hurts, don't it? Bet you won't forget your cup now. :) Even with a cup a upward front kick can make cause that painful upward movement. I was always taught to jump on your heels when it happens. As long as your not singing saprano now, you'll be fine.
Dude, I took the WORST shot to the nuts in high school. I accidentally (seriously) tapped a guys nuts with a yardstick in shop class, and when I wasn't paying attention, he front-kicked me square in the nuts at full force. Put me on the ground in the worst pain I'd ever felt. Walked bow-legged for the rest of the day. Got in the shower that night, and my entire nutsack was totally BLACK! It took about 3 weeks of changing various colors of purple, blue, green, before it healed. Sore the entire time...

I never pissed blood or anything, but I could have been seriously injured. And yes - I can have kids. I have a daughter. And yes - she's mine.
One of my friends took a hockey puck to the balls with no cup. He had to have a testicle removed.

From that point on I learned my lesson.
This thread makes me want to have a cup pouch sewn into every pair of pants I own.
LMAO! Goddamn dude what the hell r u doing taking all these nut shots with a complacent attitude! Wear a cup all the time and dont train with people who consistently hit you in the nuts. Either kick their ass or stop training with them!
friend took a softball to the nuts, picked it up threw the guy out, collapsed...took him to the infirmary and it sweeled up so big that the nurses were bringing other nurses in to look at it...they would leave giggling and saying things like "a grapefruit no more like a beachball"...

not his best day...he did get to keep it though....glad i don't play hockey.....
i took a backkick square in the nuts one day in TKD. no cup.

do the math.