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Oct 20, 2006
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EDIT: I think i misread the rules and what im asking is not against them, sorry about the thread

I have a request/question

I was curious if it was possible in the "other sports" section if we could have "who will win the championship" threads. I know the rule is one week beforehand and one week after to pay it out, so the threads can stay open for 2 weeks right now.

I was just wondering if for the major championships like NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, World Cup, March Madness, ETC..... we could have a thread that would stay open from one week before they started until the day they are decided. Most of them would be 4-6 weeks

If it would make it better i could start them and then after the week lock the threads so theres no posting in them anymore, then unlock them to payout after the final game

Just a thought, might be fun to do 6-7 times a year, thanks for taking the time to read this
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I would love prop bets.

As long as they use official odds just like the other threads.
well, its a pretty new feature, and its a great feature, so personally id love to see it utilized as much as possible.
I'm going to go ahead and make one, want to give people plenty of time to bet on it

If its not cool just let me know and I'll abandon it so everyone gets their money back