Varsity Grappling


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Jan 21, 2005
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anyone know if certain colleges/university have like judo, bjj or submission wrestling teams? i know obviously they have freestyle wrestling. but that would be sweet if they did
If there is I'm gonna look into those colleges ASAP
im still in highschool so i wouldnt really know but couldnt a group of people start a bjj or judo club and get it aproved by a dean or something
Don't most colleges do folkstyle wrestling rather than freestyle?
Most british universities have a judo team, but I'm guessing you wanted stuff in America/Canada
ya the uk is a little far, i knew there wouldnt be any here in canada, hockey is pretty much the only sport our schools have, they never have great wrestling teams
I never heard of a varsity BJJ team. However, the University of Pittsburgh has a BJJ club, and Carnegie Mellon University also has a Grappling Club. (Neither are associtated with the infamous PSFC). Pitt's BJJ club has better facilities, is loosely assocated with Gustavo Machado and mostly composed of Judokas. However, CMU's club has a better grappling atmosphere and a really knowledgeable member/instructor. Pitt's club only grapples in a gi and has practices twice a week. CMU's club grapples no-gi twice week and with a gi once a week. The times to not conflice with each other, and I try to attend both as often as I can.
My alma mater Georgia State University has both a judo club and a bjj club. No wrestling, but you can't have everything...
SUNY Cortland Has a BJJ Club - i started it last year