Using Grappling Gloves+Punching Bagd


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Jan 28, 2006
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I was wondering if Grappling Gloves are a good idea to use with the punching bag? Do they cushion the impact as good as the normal boxing gloves?

Basically, do Grappling Gloves give the same protection to the user as the normal boxing gloves would when practicing strikes with a punching bag?
I use my PrimeTimes on my bag at home and they're great. Like Ron said, though, I wouldn't recommend a Ouano style glove for bag work.
Your grappling gloves will offer little to no support. Neither will a good pair of bag gloves for that matter, unless you wrap your hands. Your best bet is to get a dedicated pair of gloves for bag work alone and ALWAYS, ALWAYS wrap your hands. That is where 90 % of your protection comes from. After a year or so, when you've developed good form and some punch strength in your forearms, you'' probably get buy with a good pair of bag gloves. I use a pair of cleto reyes bag gloves and they are awsome.
I second the whole "wrap your hands" deal... I consider my wraps to be as necessary as my gloves. I've never tried Cleto Reyes, but for Xmas I got a pair of Ringside IMF Tech bag gloves that are completely awesome. I cannot say enough nice things about those gloves. Heavenly. And as Jamison said, only use `em for the bag or focus mitts.

don't be a tightwad when it comes to your hands, either. Lots of tiny bones in your hands and wrists-- you hose `em up, and you'll be wishing you'd forked over a few extra bucks on some decent bag gloves.
What they're saying is true. I did 1 30 minute round of the Bas Rutten Boxing workout on a Wavemaster XXL with grappling gloves about two weeks ago, and one of my wrists is still jacked up some. I didn't notice it the first day after, but the 2nd it was bad news.

I figured I was a bit of an exception to the rule, because I do karate as well as BJJ, and spar pretty often (w/o wrist wraps). That was ego, and cheapness speaking. A sports doctor friend of mine that goes to the dojo was able to help some, but one wrist is still tender.

So, I ordered boxing gloves and wrist wraps from Ron. Just got 'em today...they both seem really sweet and I'm about ready to hit the bag again.
I do some bag work with shooto gloves on. They are ok if your not swinging for the fences. But always wrap your hands, too many little bones to break.
The biggest worry when hitting a bag, is hurting your wrists, not breaking your hands. This comes from bad form but even people with good form sometimes hurt their wrists when they dont wrap them. Should not be a worry of breaking bones when doing bag work, unless your bag is filled with old sand that settled.
I've found that taping my wrists can be a big time saver, then you don't have to deal with unraveling and raveling your handwraps.