Useing weighted gloves to build punching speed


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Jan 9, 2006
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Now I remember reading that you should not use ankle weights to build up kicking speed, because it will damage your knees in a different thread. Now is it the same with useing weighted gloves on your hands to build punching speed, or is this a different matter and it should be ok or, a good idea to do?
I used to use weights to improve punching power and as long as you don't hyperextend you should be okay.

However, I've since gotten the heaviest heavy bag I can handle, and that has helped more than anything else!
You will build more slow twitch fibers then fast twitch and lose speed.
I asked something similer to this and I think that the best thing to do is work on punching faster and faster.
thanks for the advice guys. not going to buy the gloves now
ACR4V3N said:
I think that the best thing to do is work on punching faster and faster.

yep but you have to be smart & patient to break barriers like this.. this is where i got my speed. focusing.. timing in my mind how fast i throw the last punch and returned it. and try to beat that speed. doing this enough will build up the speed in your muscle memory. you also have to build up the muscles in your back that you use to return your hands after throwing the punches. you do this by throwing a lot of punches. lots of shadowboxing type training with or without gloves on. punching with weights in your hands generally works those muscles in your back so you can throw more fast punches without getting tired. dont think it really helps speed though