Ursula and Sabina Eriksson aka 2 Girls Run Into Traffic

I need cliffs before i click on shit.
I need cliffs before i click on shit.

Cliffs from Vid.

2 Ladys run into traffic
Cops show up and while talking to the ladys, both run back into traffic.
1 Lady get smash pretty bad
1 Lady turns into She Hulk and it takes 6 cops to detain her.
The chick in the read coat was like Pride Wanderlei. Her recovery time was awesome.
Really fucked up that she was released and then killed a woman, did 5 years and got out on parole. Scary shit.
It seems like they were schizos. Fucked up how they let her go several years later after killing the guy, at least put her in asylum.
Smh. They let her out after 5 years?

She's obviously seriously mentally ill but also very dangerous. She could kill some innocent person again. They should've put her in an asylum for life for her own good and most importantly, for the public's safety.
Holy FUCK! She destroyed that car, took a 4 minute power nap then almost outran and overpowered 6 people. Whatever drugs she was on needs to be bottled up with out the crazy shit.
Crazy bitches ! Those cops could've done with a taser or 2 in that situation. So the first one who ran onto the road got hit by that truck, yeah ? The cops head was in the bloody way

So one of them ended up killing a guy as well ? How the hell did they not get committed to a mental home

The full video is up on YT

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And now one of them lives in the United States?


That's weird