Urgent: Jock Strap Question


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Mar 17, 2005
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Hi all,

I have a jockstrap/cup question I need urgent replying on. Please note that I did search the forum first and found the thread below, but it didn't answer my quesions:


I'm starting MMA training on Monday, and the trainer told me to wear shorts and go out and buy a mouthguard and jockstrap. So I bought some new shorts today and a really nice mouthguard, but had trouble with the jock strap finding.

First off, I have no idea about these things. I went to a few places and SportCheck seemed to be the best bet, but they had a bunch of cups that had some Hockey company name on them, and wasn't sure if they were for hockey or what.. but they seemed so huge.. even my girlfriend thought they were massive.. my trainer told me before they go by waist size, and I looked and I found one for my waist size (I believe I'm around a 32-inch waist... according to my pant sizes), and it seemed a bit better but still big..

I now have the following questions:

1. They have cups, and they have jock straps. I believe I have to buy one of each? And put the cup inside the jockstrap?

2. Am I supposed to wear boxers or briefs, or does it matter? And in what order does it go? Jockstrap -> boxers -> shorts?

3. Does it matter what kind I get? Are they all essentially the same?

4. Do they use them in pro fights? I guess I'd thought they'd just be more noticable.. I don't notice them at all...

5. Are they supposed to look that big? They look massive... granted I'm half-asian and not the biggest guy on the block (wink wink haha) but even still... according to a jockstrap size chart I saw, I believe I'm an adult 'small', having a 32-inch waste abouts..

get an Xo compression shorts and use the cup that comes with em..best thing out there u can buy without geting it off the net..i've used it in 2 fights and it works great..u can pick em up at allmost any sporting goods store..GL at class bro
Thanks for the reply; Xo compression shorts.. I already have shorts.. did you mean perhaps a jock strap? They had some short thingies there with cups inside I believe, but they were like.. shorts.. and I thought they weren't right for MMA.. too big or something.. is this what you are referring to maybe?
A plastic cup is not the best choice if you're doing kicks and knees. My suggestion would be that you should get a thai steel cup and a pair of shock doctor compression shorts. That way you can put the thai cup in the shorts. They have a pocket where you can fit the cup. When you're just doing SW you can use the plastic cup that is included with the shorts. Talk to Ron at SSFGear he will hook you up!
Thanks guys.. although I hate to be a nuisance.. would you mind answering my specific questions? I'm still confused about them :)

Sorry pal, it looks like you're not going to find your MMA tutor here on the internet. Ask the other guys in the class what they're using, and one of them will probably take pity and go with you to the store.
I thought this was a joke at first. You could ask your cup question in the Off Topic forum if you want. Be sure to mention the part about the cups being too big.
Okay I went and bought an UnderArmor jockstrap and got a cup.. ouch! I'm not used to wearing a cup.. its kinda painful.. i mean.. im just so aware of it.. u know? and i was lying down and pretending i was grappling. and im still so aware of it.. does this ever die down? do u ever get used to it?
Yeah, you'll get used to it. It just takes a little time. Just have fun training and soon you'll barely notice it.
I;ve had worse..Slap Shot with a shifted cup. Lets just say I'm still a little gun shy
We are still waiting for the ultimate jockstrap for grappling/mma to be designed. For now it's a matter of preference and yes, many of just wear the plastic cups.