Unleashed on Spike?


Purple Belt
Nov 7, 2012
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I thought they were done with the UFC and were kind of on bad terms? They trollin' again?

Idk, thought this was strange.
Pretty sure jan 1st is the cut off, when bellator starts. Either way they played some great fights today
i thought it was odd as well, especially when bellator starts in the next short while.

trying to build mma hype, im assuming.
I was wondering that myself, but I don't have fuel tv so I was all for it 😄
Ye, I was thinking they didnt have any old footage of bellator to play so they just used unleashed.

And yea, I dont have fuel either so im not complaining :D
spike has the rights through the end of 2012.
I watched all day. ahhh ufc on spike. just like the good old days.
they sort of showed some fighters competing this saturday: Leben vs Stann, Leben vs akiyama, dos santos vs carwin, lauzon vs g-sot, and cain vs brock. maybe they're trying to be bros or maybe its just a coincidence that those fights happened to come up during the unleashed marathon.