Unjustly Banned

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I was banned for talking shit, but I think you guys have the wrong idea. If you look at the posts you guys are referring to I'm cursing out tianliken, who is a spammer and who hasn't been banned himself.

Plz check the posts for youself



As you can see I'm talking shit to the spammer who shouldn't be trying to advertise his sites in the HW's. If you do unban my account, plz feel free to ban this one
Damn, maybe he reported you or something.

good luck with your case
i've noticed that a couple of mods have viewed this thread. plz just consider
tianliken- motherfuck you shit bitch!

if you ask me it looks pretty just.

Doesnt really matter if your harassing a vet member or a spammer you are still doing the same thing.

If you murder criminal or murder a fireman, you have still murdered someone.


If he was spamming instead of swearing like a child at him you could of just PM'd a mod and they would of dealt with him, thats my take on the situation.
can't believe you're comparing murder to shit talking a spammer, who has no business advertising his site
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