Under clothes for Gi grappling


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Aug 2, 2007
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I'm looking for some comfortable under clothes to wear under the Gi in BJJ. I would prefer something that is a single piece like what wrestlers wear but I don't know how that would feel under a Gi. I'm trying to keep my body covered a bit in case the Gi comes off (I know this may sound strange). Does anyone know if t-shirts or rashguards are permitted in tornaments. I know all tornements have different rules but maybe someone can tell me about there experience. See, the thing is that due to my religious affiliation I need keep my navel to my knee covered in public. Like I said, I would prefer a single piece instead of a top and bottom so that I don't have to worry about the shirt coming out of my Gi pants.

Pls help THX
It vaires by tournament. I wore a rash guard at naga, but other smaller tournaments i've been too have not allowed them. So don't get too use one way or the other.
Try some long cycling shorts. The ones that come from your knee to just above the navel. Then wear a rash vest over it. If nessessary get g/f (or whoever is around with needle and thread) to stitch them together if just the shorts do not work.
I wear anything from regular t-shirts, muscle shirts, or a long sleeve UnderArmor rash guard. I just grab whatever is clean at the time and head to class without thinking too much about it.
What is your "religious affiliation"?
Victoria Secrets Miracle Bra and thong back panties.

Seriously, antyhing you were will ride up unless it's a one piece. So if your goal is to keep your navel covered then get some wrestling singlets or ballet unitards. Just please don't change out in the open. Nothing screams gay like a unitard.
I'm reasonably certain that the Pan Ams didn't allow any sort of t-shirt/rashguard.
FWIW, rashguards are cheap(<$15)at Target. Look for Champion brand.
however... rashguards wont protect your naval at all times... no where near it actually. they hike up relatively easy. that being said, your only solution would be something similar to a wrestlers outfit. or you could just rock your gi pants above your naval and tie them tight as hell. just curious, but are you a female? and what is your religious affiliation? thanks
I'm guessing Islam, but a lot of "old-school" religions probably have clothing stipulations on that region.

You have the knees to beltline covered by gi-pants, and they won't be coming off. A short or long sleeved tight fit rashguard that is "long" will be great to cover the rest, with the longer it goes down the better it will remain where you want it. My best rashguard as far as staying down is considered is a long-sleeved Under Armour.
Consider a religion that doesnt care about the clothes you wear but rather your thoughts and actions.
Fuck off, my religion wears t-shirts and jeans and we take shit from no one.
A lot of women wear leotards or swimsuits under their gis, or get wrestling singlets for women. Spandex shorts and rash guards at a minimum, though.

If you attend a CBJJ event, and you are not female, you will not be permitted to wear anything under your gi top.