Ultimate training center in Roseville


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Feb 4, 2008
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For those of you that live in the Sac area what do you think about this place? I see that they have jiu jitsu and Judo classes. I heard they have a good jiujitsu instructor, But my fear when these kind of places is really low level students for sparing and grappling partners. SO what do you locals think of this place?
sound like they got a good thing going for them. especially with the no-gi judo. i hope it works out for them and stay in business for a while.
They are currently doing a free weeks worth of lessons if you sign up. I was thinking of checking it out. The facility in Sacramento was very nice
does this place have anything to do with ultimate fitness?
No they have nothing to do with UF except Irvin and Smith used to teach there
i talked to friend who tried out a class there. he was pretty negative about the place and the way he was treated. however, he is a pretty dificult guy and has no MA experience so he probably doesnt know what to expect.
I was thinking about stopping by and seeing what they are all about. They have been running a lot of tv commercials since they opened up.

Did anyone ever go check this place out?

ttt - in case anyone has trained here and has insight.
I wish someone would open an MMA gym out in Elk Grove.
Urijah Faber's place in Sacramento just picked up Robson Moura as their main BJJ instructor.

Robinho is a great champion and a great teacher.
I heard that Smith and Irvin screwed Faber by pretty much copying the name, student info and such when they opened up their gym.....
I heard that Smith and Irvin screwed Faber by pretty much copying the name, student info and such when they opened up their gym.....

Well you have to admit that the names of thier places are similar. Heck I had to research to make sure they weren't the same or affiliated when I started looking. The story I heard is that they were going to all go in it together, there was some creatvie differences, and they decided to split up: Faber with his gym in downtown Sac and Smith & Irvin with thiers in Roseville. Then according to an interview with Irvin (or Smith, cant remember) I read yesterday he said they just wanted the gym in Roseville to workout and didnt really think it would end up growing to 200 students.

Personally, I dont care if there is 'bad blood' there or not. I just wanted to make sure the school was legit if I wanted somewhere to roll and to see if anyone here had gone there.
definitely go to faber's school...you can't go wrong with robson teaching!

pretty jealous, i'm in CA but still too far away from sac otherwise i'd join in a heartbeat just for robson
Is that confirmed that Robson is teaching at Faber's school?
Robson isn't on the website yet...but maybe it just needs to be updated
Anybody have any clue how much it cost to train over there? (Ultimate training center) I have emailed them once a while ago and never got a response....