Ultimate Grappling Challenge


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Mar 26, 2005
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On September 24th 2005 the "Ultimate Grappling Challenge" will mark a new area in international Grappling competition in Europe. What has begun as a small "Insiders-Only"-Tournament five years ago has now grown to one of the biggest and toughest Grappling and MMA competitions on the whole European continent. The sixth edition of the "Ultimate Grappling Challenge (UGC)" has assigned 196 competitors from 15 countries of America, Asia and Europe so far and the number is still growing with every day.

This year the organizers from Shidokan Germany have split the field of competitors into two divsions: "Beginners" and "Advanced". While the Beginners still fight with points and time-limits, the competitors in the Advanced division will have NO time-limits and NO points in their fights. The only way to win a match at the UGC in this division is by submission!

Numerous champions and top-level athletes from BJJ, Luta Livre, Wrestling, Shooto, Pancrase and Judo have registered to compete in this battle of will and skill in the Jahnhalle in M
man could they have picked a gayer picture?
no time limits in advanced, could be some tired guys after a few matches