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Ultimate fighter season 9 Ray Elbe- Oww


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Apr 30, 2009
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Owwww..saw it on TMZ as well
Sorry if posted
The 2nd post is a little more detailed on what happened


Mixed martial artist Ray Elbe likely suffered the worst injury of his career earlier this month.

This one, however, occurred outside the octagon.

Elbe, who announced he's currently on a training tour in southeast Asia, took to his personal website over the weekend to confirm he sustained a penile fracture during intense intercourse with his girlfriend.

“Keeping it safe during sex isn’t just wearing a condom,” Elbe said in an online video message. “As it happened you can imagine the shock and the horror that was going on. Obviously my girlfriend was frantic. We’re in a foreign country that doesn’t speak English."

As Malaysian security teams and health care workers arrived at his condo, the Ultimate Fighter Season 9 competitor described in vivid detail the trauma associated with the injury.


While local doctors expect Elbe, who has a career fighting record of 23 wins and 11 losses since entering mixed martial arts in 2002, to make a full recovery, he was holed up in hospital for a number of days.

“I pretty much was on display the entire time I’ve been in the hospital,” he said. “Let’s face it, guys, it’s probably the worst nightmare you can think of.”

He expects to be issued a clean bill of health within the next few days before travelling to the Philippines to continue MMA training.

“I came forward with (the injury) because I really want people to understand the significance of the emergency,” Elbe said. “As I Googled this online, a lot of guys actually get to the point where there is no repair because they’re embarrassed and don’t go to the emergency room right away.”
Tmz article

MMA fighter Ray Elbe -- who competed on "Ultimate Fighter 9" -- had to be rushed to a hospital in Malaysia earlier this month and required 10 stitches ... after he BROKE HIS PENIS during sex.

Elbe told the whole story -- in painfully graphic detail -- on an MMA website ... explaining how he was having sex with his GF, who was "on top" ... when she bounced a little too high, and crunched Ray's erect penis.

According to Ray, his penis "fractured" ... and "blood was everywhere." Ray says he immediately passed out from the pain.

Ray says he was rushed to a nearby hospital ... and underwent emergency surgery to close the wound and repair a "slight tear" in his urinary tube.

Elbe says the pain was so severe after the surgery, his johnson was "throbbing with each heart beat."

Elbe says he expects to make a full recovery -- and was ordered to take "anti-erection pills" for two weeks.

The fighter says he learned a hard lesson from the experience -- and will never let his GF be "on top" ever again.

Elbe also explained, "In an attempt to make it up to me ... [my GF] has promised me a threesome of my choice when we get to the Philippines ... which usually has some solid talent."
ughhh gross..
Broken penis in exchange for a 3some, hmmmm.....

no dice.

Pic of Ray's chick would be appreciated though.

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