UFC parody on Key and Peele

The White Mamba

"Cold Stone Steve Austin" - Mike Goldberg
Sep 11, 2010
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Just thought I would share this I thought it was pretty funny
Awesome skit, I love Key and Peele.

Anyone feel like Key was going for kind of an old-school blood licking BJ Penn with this one? I mean obviously he takes it way over the top lol, but that never blinking stare reminds me of BJ.
lol possibly all the god talk just reminded me of Belfort
Its old but its funny.

I'm still mad at K&P for stealing my "baby its cold outside is a rape song" joke... but i'm sure I'm not the first to think of that either.
Love K&P.

inb4 "Key & Peele are racists" racists

EDIT: This is exactly how I sound when watching K&P...

These dudes are really funny, but I thought the MMA spoof was one of their weaker sketches.

I love their take on the "Four Yorkshiremen" trope.

I like some of their stuff but I think their ideas are much better than their execution
Key and Peele are pretty funny. They're very hit or miss but when they hit it's pretty awesome. I think the substitute teacher sketch is my favorite not sure though they have a few pretty damn good ones.
Sorry, but these guys suck, horribly and this skit is a prime example.
I have yet to see anything by these two that even comes close to funny. The entire show is a massive fail IMO.
Never liked these guys. That said this skit was somewhat funny