UFC London - Where do the fighters stay


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Aug 2, 2010
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Simple question. Going to London for the UFC event in feb. Anyone know what hotel the UFC and the fighters are gonna stay at. Would be nice to stay nearby and to do some paparazzi spying while in London. Thanx
Possibly the Hilton in Wembley but im not so sure if they would put them up in Wembley as its a shithole.
And for the underprevileged, the spy thing was a joke.
They stopped at the crowne plaza at both UFC 89 and 138 in Birmingham and the crowne plaza near the O2 arena for UFC 95

So my guess would be the nearest crowne plaza

And no i didnt go looking for them, I happened to be in the hotel opposite for 95
Why no homo? Barao and MacDonald are pretty cute. Wouldn't mind going to the weigh-ins!
Theyre staying round my place, why dont you come over were having a BBQ!
bunking up with all the illegal immigrants in some flats.

pay aint good