UFC glove from sherdog


craig hummer

i'm getting my brother a pair of large UFC (quano) gloves for christmas.. i tried calling the 1-888-SHERDOG phone number, but no one answered.. i was wondering if these were in stock and how long they would take to ship out? and if they are in stock? sherdog is actually cheaper than ufc.tv because they want like $10 or $11 for shipping..

also, i'm not sure of the size of my brothers hands.. i'm guessing they're about average size, so large would be good enough.. a little bit big is better than small i guess.
What are you getting the gloves for though? Just for show?
Your could try getting it straight from the supplier as a alternative?
If you're needing hearty training gloves, go buy some ringside or other type of gloves, keep the UFC ones for show,
the gloves are mostly for show.. if he did use them, i'm sure it would be very light..

i checked out ouano.com, they're actually charging more.. they're like $74 ($60+$14s/h).. ufc wants $66 ($56+$11/sh).. sherdog is $64 ($60+$4s/h).. i'd rather get them cheaper & support the website..

does anyone know if sherdog has the large size in stock and ready to ship?

also, are the gloves with out the thumb hole is what is currently being used in the ufc? i've heard that the ones with the thumb hole are not as good of quality as the ones with out the thumb hole, is that correct?
It is a matter of personal preference really Craig (Thumb issue). I don't know, I know Jeff lies in wait around these forums sometimes so he might be able to answer in a day or two (Jeff how come you PM me and never respond back... :().