ufc fx 7 prelims in the uk?


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Jun 27, 2011
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what channel would i be able to watch them on in the uk? you guys dont have fuel do you??
Its usually ESPN (SKY channel 417). I'll check now and see if they are showing them.

EDIT: doesn't look like ESPN are showing them. Don't think there is a legal way of watching it in the UK then.
It will be on UFC.TV. It always is if the pre-lims arnt on espn. All you have to do is sign in with your facebook account.
All prelims are pretty much always available on ufc.tv and FB, as long as you have account on ufc.tv (you can log trough FB).
thank you everyone im in the us though, on ufc.tv it said they were blacked out. ill check espn later on. once again thank you to everyone. i thought i was going to stay at my girlfriends house who doesnt have fuel but i do and im going homeso :D

edit:mods you can move to the wasteland if you please.
If the fights worth watching then they will show it between fights on the main card on espn.

Also sometimes they show all the prelims without stating it on the guide
im watching it online, got my tea ready, fish n chips ordered and scones for pud :)