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Discussion in 'MMA Betting Discussion' started by PuertoRican, May 19, 2018.

  1. Naterade

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    Mar 17, 2016
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    Lets not pretend usman was something hes not, he got his kicks but he will never beat the elite in the division

    I've been hammering usman since leon, alexander, warlley, sean and sergio. He will destroy the low level competition but has no chance against the top 5
  2. Larthus

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    Feb 20, 2018
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    Not a good night for me fellas
  3. stretcharmstrong

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    Feb 25, 2017
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    Worst night ever for me, -17u or something mad. Don’t even wanna check the spreadsheet.
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  4. Dooze

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    Jul 6, 2009
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    I dunno, looking at he current people listed above him in the UFC rankings:

    Woodley - Woodley negates Usman's wrestling and wins a boring decision.
    Thompson - Wonderboy probably wins a decision similar to the Rory Mac fight if he can stuff the takedown.
    RDA - I'd favour RDA for his forward pressure but Usman could definitely win a decision via wrasslin
    Colby - Think Usman and Colby's wrasslin would negate each other, mostly clinch battles. Probably one of the more even matchups but lean slightly towards Usman winning a dour striking battle via decision.
    Lawler - I think Usman at this point wins a decision via wrestling.
    Masvidal - Usman outwresttles Masvidal to a decision win.

    It was a poor performance today but whenever Maia loses he nearly always makes his opponents look horrible in victory, it's odd.

    I'd bet on him as a favourite over Masvidal and probably Lawler (at this point), a pick'em or better against Colby/RDA and odds dependent vs Woodley/Thompson.

    I think to beat him you need to be a better striker than him AND able to negate his wrestling through either great TDD/a stellar BJJ game. Maia had the latter, but despite Usman not being a quality striker he's still better on the feet than Maia.

    Mas has a much better stand-up game, but wouldn't be able to stop the wrestling. Lawler has better stand-up but is too inactive at times and I dunno if he could consistently stop takedowns. Colby could probably negate the wrestling but neither have a striking advantage, RDA has the striking advantage but I don't think Usman would be as scared taking him down as he would Maia. Thompson streets ahead on the feet, I think his TDD would hold up too. Woodley negates the wrestling and is better on the feet.

    I think he's a difficult fight for everyone in the division, top 5 included. Not saying he beats them all (it's certainly possible though), but it's also worth noting that he's still arguably entering his prime. Woodley was getting tooled by Nate the Great before Usman made his pro debut so he's not really been around that long, he's 5 years younger than Woodley too. He's already got the high level MMA wrestling where he can dictate where the fight takes place and he's radolling dudes. I don't think it's too out there for his striking to improve over the next 2-3 years under Henri Hooft to a similar level that Woodley improved his.
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  5. cberasi

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    Feb 7, 2006
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    I haven’t read through the thread so it may have already been posted but just read Maia is 0-49 on his takedown attempts in his last 3 fights, holy schnikes...

    LEMONZEST Planning parlays...

    Jul 27, 2015
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    jeez. Thats brutal.
  7. mkess101

    mkess101 World Series or bust...

    Sep 24, 2007
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    Crazy. To be fair he's 40 and fought the 3 best wrestlers in the division. Still nuts though.

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