UFC belt history by gym


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Jul 28, 2007
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I was wondering if any such thing existed? If not I want to make one. That will require the help of my.fellow Sherdogians.

Thank you gents!
some of these guys move around and have been at several gyms
Sounds like a cool idea. You'd just gotta be sure which camp a certain fighter was at while he was the champion. Like the guy above me said a lot of fighters have switched teams/camps over the years.
To start this list off pretty easily I'll just list the divisions that are easy to track. Not gonna count interim champs.

1 Flyweight Belt AMC Pankration
1 Bantamweight Belt Alliance MMA
1 Featherweight Belt Nova Uniao

Anything beyond this would be way too big of a pain in the ass for me.
what would you put for guys who train at multiple gyms at the same time like newton and gsp?
Nova Uniao - BJ Penn LW Champion 2007.
The Pit - Chuck Liddell - LHW Champion 2005
Are you counting the gym they trained at when they won the title? Even if it was only a one time affair?
Lhw title: 1st-the alliance (name for team that consisted of frank shamrock, mo smith, kohsaka)
2nd-the pit/team punishment
3rd- team quest
4th-Brazilian top team
5th-team quest
6th- the pit
7th- wolfslair/Ibarra mma
8th- xtreme couture
10th- black house
11th- universidade de luta
12th- Jackson's
Yesssssssssssssss!!! A pioneering camp. Legendary. Wish that they were still around.

they are. Pat still trains people. He has a female fighter that has looked really good in Invicta and might eventually be in the UFC.
There are just so many teams out there now, and these guys are split up at 2 locations, because HIT team out of Illinois is basically and affiliate of MFS.
Don't forget JGMMA who has 1 former UFC champion, and has a current Bellator champ
HW Title:

1st: hammer house
2nd: the alliance
3rd: RAW team (couture's original team)
4th: team rutten
5th: hammer house
6th: team quest
7th: amc pankration
8th: team punishment
9th: miletich fighting systems
10th: university of grappling
11th: arlovski's team, some team in Chicago
12th: miletich fighting systems
13th: xtreme couture
14th: Minnesota martial arts academy/ team deathclutch
15th: aka
16th: black house