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UFC 207 RECAP Main n Co Main

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by JollyRants, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. Well in the main event Ronda fell for the non touch glove curse, by not touching Amanda Hands for a glove touch. Ronda started with a mean angry mug in the staredown while Amanda remained calm soon as the fight started amanda lit her up basically beating Ronda stupid. She hit Ronda with a barrage of punches sending Ronda flying and not knowing where she at lol. upload_2016-12-31_12-3-59.png upload_2016-12-31_12-4-21.png [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Amanda's hands looked amazing and she beat Ronda pillar to post lol.

    In the Co mainevent Dominick Cruz vs Cody Garbrandt in my opinion was fight of the year. The fight started and Cruz started to take over but by the third Garbrandt leg kicks n hard punches started to take there toll on Cruz. Garbrandt started to take over using amazing footwork and frustrating Dominick Cruz. Garbrandt speed wrestling n footwork was amazing. He actually looked fast then Cruz out there avoiding his punching and counter him alot. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Cody open a big gash over Cruz eye with a head kick here in this gif. Many thought it was a headbutt but it was a headkick. [​IMG]and started to drop him in the 4th round. Cody dropped Cruz like 3 times in the 4th. [​IMG]Cody looked amazing and Cruz totally underestimated him. It was a war where Cody showed he was faster more fluid with his boxing for Cruz. [​IMG] Thoughts on last nights fights ? Thoughts on last nights fights and who was more impressive Cody Garbrandt or Amanda Nunes ?
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    did they ever correct themselves in the broadcast it was a knee and not headbutt that cut Cruz? I dont remember hearing it.

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