UFC 2012 in Numbers


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Nov 15, 2011
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Check out what I threw together guys, hope you like it.

Unleash the Jackson's MMA haters. Now they have evidence.
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Ermmm if you made it then why does it say it's by MMAnytt and StudioMMA? Do you own those websites? Submitted the info to them? Or plagiorised it?
Heh... the Alpha-male team got two free finishes with Chad Mendes being over -1000 favorite in his last two missmatch bouts...

Just saying, nothing else to add.
Oh wait, there is something... TS, you are an idiot for putting your name on the bottom of the original pic.
That settles it, AKA is the best out of that bunch. And Jackson MMA, well what can i say.
Oh right yeah, that's hilarious. You can get prosecuted for plagiorism and banned from this website.
NOT cool writing over MY name (Jesper Hansson) in this infograph!! :icon_evil
Now do number of fights against Top-5 opponents for each team, and see how it compares to decision percentage.
You didn't throw this together u fucking liar this was on here earlier...unless u double posted it wich i would have no clue why