Types of Greens

The Cheith

Oct 15, 2005
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Just wondering about the "greens" i've been seeing around. Lightforce, greens plus, etc. Do they really make a difference? Just an expensive vitamin? Which one is the best? And can anyone reccomend a good energy booster? Thanks.
it all depends on the individual... me personally, it seems like the powders are more effective.. and lightforce greens are good but WAY overpriced IMO.. just try out different brands and see which u like best..

btw.. DO NOT buy "jarrow formulas - green defense".. even though it's pretty cheap.. it'll still make u gag faster than anything else!!!!!!!!!.. by far one of the worst tasting powders i've ever tasted in my life.. no kidding.. :wink:
I use a greens supplement and I love it. I don't use lifeforce because of the price, but I'd assume it's good stuff if Randy says so. I think it helps to move oxygen better, but mine also tastes like shit. I think it's called Life's Greens.
Please do a fucking search.