Twins gloves and bag gloves question

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Aug 14, 2004
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For anyone that has used both, how well do the Twins bag gloves absorb impact compared to a 12 or 10 oz pair of regular twins. I'm looking to get two pairs and wondering whether I should get two BGV3's I think or whatever the regular ones are called in two different sizes or 1 pair of regulars and 1 pair of bag gloves. Thanks:D
ive not actually used the twins boxing gloves properly. i opt for Fairtex boxing gloves and a twins bag glove. I don't like the Fairtex bag gloves because the support on the wrist is not good unless you get the cross training glove. However I see more and more people going for two pairs of boxing gloves. one pair of 12oz and one 16oz. they will used the 12oz on bag/pad work and the 16oz for sparring. it's actually not a bad idea to use a 12oz gloves, because the extra weight when compared with a bag glove will give you a better work out and build stamina and punching power.
I only have 16oz twins's boxing gloves so I cant really say about the 12's vs the bag gloves (and the Fairtex BGV-1's and 9's), and the fairtex cross training bag gloves (because of the dual layer of padding and wrist support), which twins bag glove design were you looking at? (TGBL-1H/TGBL-1F, TGBL-2H/TGBL-2F, TGBL-3H/TGBL-3F, TGBL-4H/TGBL-4F), the main difference between the 12oz and the bag glove is going to be the foam used, the 12oz will probably offer more protection for the hand and wrist, but the high density padding in the bag gloves will have greater longevity on the pads