Twins 16 oz gloves flames(dont know model # you all know the one sim talking about)


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Mar 12, 2008
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I'm not sure if it has already been posted but i didnt see it for bigger guys but im about 6'4 235 lbs.
i bought these a couple weeks ago and have found that even tho the twins company are generally known to be made a little bit smaller i gnot the 16 0z and i find they fit perfect but i do like my gloves a little more snug
the impact seems to be generally about the same as fairtex to me (only used for sparring tho)
the quality in the leather is definitely there my sparring partners have mentioned that the padding does feel a little more cushiony than the fairtex sparring gloves i had previously
good for blocking high kicks fits good with hand wraps

hope this helped out the bigger guys out there cause it really would have helped me
to me arguably one of the best gloves on the market