Tuxedo Lucky Gi


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Oct 24, 2003
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I bet this is their new style coming out soon.


You're probably looking at a $400 price tag:rolleyes:
looks like any gi you'd recieve at a TKD or hapkido academy
I'm just saying they look similar I'm not suggesting anything other than that.
yep the koreans started that - the Moo Duk Kwan in particular were the first to start putting colored trim around the lapels, after they and every other korean school in the mid 1900s took the belt system from Kano.
I think the gi should have black pants...like the Koral ones.
yeah man, thats the new Lovato signature series gi, although the actual design isnt final yet it will be similar to that. that gi is one of the pre production ones he was trying out and then makes changes off of that, hes done it to like 3 already i think, the gi will be sick and i hear it will be the softest gi ever made on the inside for the dudes who like to go shirtless under there gi. he wears the different ones around all the time and it seriously looks sick as can be.