tutorial on doing this guard opener


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Jun 11, 2005
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does anyone know where i can find alink of a vid or pictures on this guard breaker;

ur arms in the dude's arm pits, extend then, stand up, one knee on the butt , sit down and break the guard. very classic way. but sometimes the guard doest open like, i cant sneak my knee between their gooch and my balls as i sit down. i think im missing a crucial step, so if anyones got a tutorial, im game. this, when it works, it fucking works .
thank you! i love this guard break. i was missing the stepping back and creating space before u stand up, portion. thanks man.
i like a variation thats a little different. push down on the waist and jam a knee the same way as the video. step a leg back and lean back pushing on the leg till it breaks the guard. its a little easier then standing and breaking your posture, to many things can go wrong imo
90% of guard breaking is creating space. most people don't know that...
Breaking the guard is actually my weak spot. Which isn't good, since I'm a top player.