Truth vs official ufc fight gloves

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Jun 28, 2008
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i've been looking forever for some new mma gloves. i like the fingerless ones without the big padding on top. i've been reading around, but cant figure out what's a good brand. CSI, ringside, etc? i was looking at the csi hybrid fight gloves, but they cot too much. any suggetion???

heres the style i was looking at, not the glove in peticular:

MMA Hybrid Fight Gloves from

MMA Hybrid Training Gloves from

MMA GLOVES title throwdown combat sports tapout fairtex - eBay (item 170231865963 end time Jun-28-08 21:13:54 PDT)

TapouT MMA Cage Style Gloves from

thanks in advance
I use the CSI Hybrid Fight Gloves and I really like them a lot. They are a bit pricey but try Cageside MMA, they usually have a discount code and over $99.00 ships free.

I also would recommend the Truth MMA gloves from TXMMA. I have these as well and they are a great bang for the buck. Probably the best quality gloves you can get for around $25.00.

The TXMMA Store : , Home of TRUTH Fightwear & the Best Deals in MMA!
i've herd about those truth gloves. does anyone else know if theyre any good?
i've now decided between truths, and official ufc fight glove. the ufc ones would only be like, 5 dollars more. what would u guys reccomend for durability, and overall which is better?
I dont really know about the UFC gloves...but I know that CSI surely has very good gloves that a lot of people would recommend

I personally would recommend the thumbless fairtex gloves...
check them out at
this is the only store Ive found them in that sells them in red
most stores sell them in blue or black with red lining....

Fairtex is #1 and is worth every penny
Just search "fairtex gloves" in the forum, and youll see how many people recommend them

I truly have never heard anyone complain about them
I have only heard good things about them

I even once read here that many fighters prefer the fairtex gloves over any other...but I dont know how true this is

But one thing is for sure, the fairtex gloves (thumbless) is definetely #1 for me, and I give you my word on that :)
Are you looking at the UFC gloves from Ouano or the ones you can get at sports stores? You'll find that most members here do not like Century gloves and will advise you against them.
stay away from century. Truth gloves all the way.
Yeah, how is this urgent? Are you just more important that everyone else who is asking questions?
Honestly, if there was one piece of equipment worth investing in, it's your gloves. I'm thrilled with my throwdowns.
it was urgent cuz the pair of ufc gloves i was going to get were about to sell on ebay for $25 shipped! i wanted to make my mind up before so i could bid on them before the auction ended. i chose the truths, and picked up a pair of thier shorts too:icon_chee thanks for the help!